It’s not golf weather in Iowa and most courses are closed for the season, but many lovers of the sport may already be thinking ahead to next spring and the Iowa PGA Golf Pass which went on sale this week.

Thomas Hutton, executive director of the Iowa PGA, says the pass — which benefits the American Cancer Society — offers free or big discounts at many dozens of golf courses across Iowa and western Illinois during 2018.

“It’s a great way for people that want to find a great deal and play a lot of different golf courses throughout the golf season,” Hutton says. “With over 250 facilities in it, we have golf courses in all parts of Iowa, so no matter where you live, you can definitely find a nice opportunity to play.” By purchasing the golf pass, Hutton says Iowa golfers can potentially save thousands of dollars on green fees, cart rentals, range balls, merchandise, and golf lessons.

“If you buy the book and use it one or two times, you get your money back,” Hutton says. “It’s a great value for the customer and it’s a great opportunity to play lots of golf.” Two versions of the pass are available, one that’s printed and another that you can access from your smartphone.

“The hardcopy book is $45 and the electronic version is $40 but we are constantly running promotions for $10 off,” Hutton says. “Simply enter the code when you’re purchasing the book and you’ll get $10 off. The hardcopy’s $35 and the electronic copy goes down to $30.”

Fifteen-percent of every purchase goes to the American Cancer Society to help support the programs and services offered across Iowa, including rides to treatment, lodging when traveling for treatment and ongoing research. In the past five years, Hutton says Golf Pass sales have generated more than $85,000 for the charity.