A special investigation by the state auditor has found the improper use of city funds by the former city clerk of Richland in Keokuk County.

The investigation was requested by the city after city clerk Chris Thomann quit in August of 2016 and was not cooperating with them in balancing the books. The report found nearly $58,000 of what it calls improper spending and undeposited collections by Thomann.
The report showed $44,000 of undeposited cash from utility payments. It also identified $7,400 in improper credit card purchases made at stores that sell home decorations, groceries, clothing and auto parts. There was also more $4,195 in unapproved payroll payments.

The results of the investigation have been turned over to the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation, the Keokuk County Attorney’s Office, and the Iowa Attorney General’s Office.

Here’s the State Auditor’s report: Richland-investigation-PDF