Governor Kim Reynolds. (file photo)

Governor Kim Reynolds signed the so-called “sanctuary cities” bill into law today. She did it without making any public statement about it.

In February, Reynolds sent a fundraising email praising legislators who crafted the bill. Reynolds said the effort sent a message to “far left liberals in Des Moines and Iowa City” who’ve been considering moves to delay or deter deportation for people in the country illegally.

It’s unclear what may happen now. Bill backers said during debate in the House and Senate there are “some” law enforcement agencies that aren’t fully cooperating with federal immigration agents. The bill calls for withholding state funds from any city or county that fails to detain undocumented immigrants when federal authorities ask. Critics say a warrant is required for that kind of a request.

The new requirement forbidding cities and counties ordinances that provide any sort of sanctuary for undocumented immigrants arrested for a crime goes into effect January 1, 2019.