More drivers are interested in owning electric vehicles, according to a new survey from AAA.

Nick Jarmusz, a spokesman for the auto club in Iowa, says the survey found 1-in-5 Americans plan to go electric with their next vehicle purchase. Worries over climate change and a desire to “go green” are key driving forces behind many motorists turning away from traditional gas-powered vehicles to purchase electric cars.

“The overwhelming majority cite environmental concerns as their number-one reason why they would consider that technology,” Jarmusz said. Potential buyers also like the fact that electric vehicles require less maintenance than gas-powered engines.

“We are beginning to see those vehicles become much more competitive and in many cases, that’s one of the secondary reasons behind environmental concerns, the idea that this is going to be cheaper to own and maintain in the long-term,” Jarmusz said.

As more electric cars appear on the roads, fewer prospective buyers are scared off by “range anxiety,” according to Jarmusz. “That they won’t be able to travel far enough or be able to do their regular commuting between the necessary charging intervals,” he said. While some Iowans may be more eager to buy an electric vehicle, having the right infrastructure will be critical to its widespread adoption. The availability of charging stations had grown to more than 16,000 nationwide.