Fire training in Sioux City.

Firefighters from ten states are in Sioux City taking special Fire Rescue training for two days. Sioux City Fire Rescue Training Officer Gerry Bennett says the hands on event uses the most current heavy lifting, shifting, stabilizing and building shoring techniques used by firefighters and rescuers across the country.

He says the techniques are commonly used for car accidents, trench rescue and anytime something needs to be lifted or stabilized. The 38

firefighters are Urban Search and Rescue specialists and are taking what’s called Paratech University Training from members of the company that produces the heavy duty gear needed for scenarios like extrications and elevator shaft rescues.

Bennett says the company provides all the props and instructors. He says the equipment continues to get better and they need to know how best to use it before heading to the scene of a rescue.

“They’re making things stronger, more easily deployable, so it’s easy to set up and quicker to get somebody rescue from maybe and overturned vehicle. And we train consistently on everything we do,” Bennett says. The training is taking place through today (Thursday).

(Photo and story by Woody Gottburg, KSCJ, Sioux City)