The State Auditor has released a report about “corrective action” that had to be taken to properly track the Iowa Communications Network’s finances and assets.

The network’s previous executive director was fired this past January after a whistleblower in the agency came forward with concerns. State Auditor Mary Mosiman served on the ICN’s board, but she and other board members told legislators the network’s manager kept them in the dark about things like raises for unqualified staff and his use of a state-owned car to commute back and forth from Des Moines and Marion. He also tried to sell state-owned equipment on eBay.

The State Auditor’s latest report covers the final year the dismissed executive director was still in charge. The new manager of the Iowa Communications Network has promised to maintain a “detailed, up-to-date” list of the network’s assets.

The auditor’s report also made note of tardy deposits, late payments on credit cards and missing timesheets for some network employees who worked for the previous manager — all things the new ICN management acknowledged and said had been addressed.