The Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) Wednesday approved $4.5 million in Community Development Block Grant funds for 11 Iowa communities.

IED-A spokesperson, Brooke Miller, says the funds are targeted at specific areas. She says the funds enable the communities to make needed improvements to water and sewer systems, improve housing conditions for homeowners, provide facilities for disabled and at-risk individuals, along with transforming downtown spaces.

 Bloomfield, Colfax, Emerson, Lamoni, Lowden, Melcher-Dallas, Milford, Montezuma, Pleasantville, Sidney and Wiota all won awards. Miller says these grants are only available to non-metropolitan areas. “The funds are awarded based on benefit to low and moderate income people, financial need, project impact and readiness, and commitment of local resources to the project as well,” according to Miller.

Communities are not required to provide matching funds, but Miller says matching funds are part of the scoring used to award the money. She says it’s a federally funded program through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, and the state administers the funds.

Here’s the list of awards and matching amounts for each community:
Bloomfield Water System Improvements $600,000 award/match $657,000.
Colfax Water Main Replacement $ 500,000 award/match $946,892.
Emerson Sanitary Sewer Improvements $300,000 award/match $95,581.
Lamoni Wastewater Plant Improvements $295,000 award/match $ 242,500.
Lowden Wastewater Plant Installation $300,000 award/match $3,362,000.
Melcher-Dallas Sanitary Sewer Improvements $500,000 award/match $991,450.
Milford Water Main Replacement $ 600,000 award/match $828,109.
Montezuma Wastewater Plant Improvements $500,000 award/match $3,595,000.
Pleasantville Water Main Installation $425,000 award/match $406,000.
Sidney Water System Improvements $382,041 award/match $486,234.
Wiota Water System Improvements $116,000 award/match $767,320.