Elizabeth Warren (file photo)

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren campaigned in central and southwest Iowa this weekend, concluding with a stop in Council Bluffs that was her 96th event in Iowa this year.

“The Iowa Caucuses. Are you ready?” Warren asked, to cheers from the crowd. “All righty.”

Warren recently has shortened the opening speech she delivers at her town hall forums.

“We’ll save as much time as possible for questions and then once we’ve done that, we get to the core part of democracy: selfies!” Warren said, to cheers at an event Saturday. “I’ll stay as long as you want and we can redo those ‘pinkie promises.’ Those were pretty cool.”

Warren told a crowd in Des Moines this weekend that she had encountered a “brigade” of parents who brought their young daughters to do a pinkie swear with Warren — who tells the girls running for president is “what girls do.”

Warren took ten questions from a crowd of about 900 in Des Moines Saturday night. The first was about impeachment, from a man who asked Warren if there’s a way to convince Republicans in the Senate to remove Trump from office.

“Thanks very much for the question, Chad, you know when I first got in this race for president, I expected to take on Donald Trump,” Warren replied. “I didn’t expect this would be about impeachment, but what I did believe it would be about was corruption and it turns out those two are the same right now.”

Warren has said after reading the Mueller Report earlier this year, she concluded President Trump tried to block the investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election and an impeachment inquiry was necessary.

“What I was worried about is if we didn’t, he would think he could break the law again and again and again and nothing would happen,” Warren said Saturday. “Well, sure enough, that’s what it appears he did in the summer in Ukraine.”

Warren and the other 99 U.S. Senators are required to sit as jurors in the impeachment trial.

“It is important that every one of us takes a vote and then has to live with that vote for the rest of our lives,” Warren said.

Warren is among the half dozen presidential candidates who campaigned in Iowa this past weekend.