Senator Chuck Grassley.

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley was singled out by President Donald Trump today as Trump spoke at the White House for the first time since being acquitted on both articles of impeachment.

Trump says fellow Republican Grassley made former FBI director James Comey “choke.” “He’s got this voice that scares people. You know, people from Iowa can be very tough,” Trump says. He went on to describe Grassley’s questioning of Comey.

Trump imitated Grassley in a rough voice saying he told Comey “Well you tell me, what did you say. He wasn’t being rough, that’s just the way he talked. And I think that was when Comey announced that he was leaking, lying and everything else. He choked — because he’d never heard anybody talk like that,” Trump said amid laughter.

Trump then look to Grassley and said this. “I wish you’d got angry, you could have gotten the whole ballgame. Chuck Grassley is an incredible guy,” he said and everyone applauded.

Grassley was sitting in the East Room and smiled as Trump made his remarks.