Authorities in western Iowa say charges have been filed after an incident over toilet paper that resulted in the display of a gun.

Atlantic Police Lt. Devin Hogue said Tuesday that upon reviewing the incident and video from the Dollar General Store, Cass County Attorney Vanessa Strazdus determined 45-year-old Jeptha Vestal, of Atlantic, was the initial aggressor, and that Vestal acted in a manner that would cause a reasonable person to feel threatened with imminent violence.

The incident took place the afternoon of April 3rd. Strazdas also determined that the (unidentified) person who displayed the gun was acting within his rights under Iowa’s statutes regarding self defense and defense of others. Lt. Hogue said “fortunately, the situation quickly de-escalated with no injuries.

Jeptha Vestal was charged with disorderly conduct, a simple misdemeanor.

(By Ric Hanson, KJAN, Atlantic)