While several tax filing deadlines have been pushed back by the state and federal governments, other tax deadlines are still in place and Iowans are warned to be aware.

John Fuller, spokesman for the Iowa Department of Revenue, says one such deadline that remains unchanged is Thursday.
“Estimated Income Tax is a method used to pay tax on income that’s not subject to withholding,” Fuller says. “A lot of people use that, a lot of business people use that. That deadline has not changed and we’ve tried to let everyone know that, the deadline is still April 30th.”

There are also deadlines on Friday, May 1st, for Iowa residents who’ve put in solar energy systems or geothermal heat pumps. “More and more people are installing geothermal heat pumps in their homes,” Fuller says, “and if they did that in Calendar Year 2019, they can get a tax credit for that but they have to go online and apply.”

In addition, there’s a Thursday deadline for businesses to file their sales taxes and withholding taxes, but Fuller says many extensions have been granted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “A lot of business owners have asked the department for a deferral which we’ve granted to thousands of business owners,” Fuller says. “That gives them a little bit of relief in how they can file their sales and withholding tax.”

For most Iowans, the big deadline is usually tomorrow for state individual income tax returns, but that’s been moved from April 30th to July 31st. Fuller says many Iowans have already filed them anyway, even though they’re not due for three months. For more questions, visit the Iowa Department of Revenue website: tax.iowa.gov.