Despite this week’s warm fall weather, the Iowa Department of Transportation is putting out the word it’s looking for hundreds of snowplow operators to help clear the roads during the winter ahead.

DOT winter operations administrator Craig Bargfrede says the hiring process is already underway. “Statewide, we’re looking for just over 600 positions to help augment our fulltime staff in our 101 garages that are spread across the state of Iowa,” Bargfrede says, “starting here in early October through the middle of April.”

The hours vary, of course, based on when and where the snow falls, and the pay is $18.19 an hour. “In order to operate a snowplow, you must have a CDL (commercial driver’s license), that is one requirement,” Bargfrede says. “You must have a good mechanical background. You must be at least 18 years of age in order to qualify.”

The looming specter of COVID-19 is a concern in virtually all professions and as winter draws near, Bargfrede says they’re taking the appropriate steps. “We’ve done a number of things to put protocols in place to ensure the safety of our staff and our crew,” Bargfrede says. “We still have to go out and plow snow, regardless of COVID-19 or not.”

If you’re interested in joining the team, apply online at, and click on the “SEASONAL/TEMP” tab below the video and find your city.