Governor Reynolds

Republican Governor Kim Reynolds is joining other governors in calling on congress to approve more pandemic relief.

“It’s time for congress to come together and get a relief package passed and get some relief to our small businesses and Iowa families who are suffering,” Reynolds said this morning during a news conference.

Some states are providing direct aid on their own. Colorado’s legislature has reconvened in special session this week to provide emergency relief to businesses and individuals. Reynolds does not plan to do that in Iowa. She told reporters the federal government should.

“Unfortunately, there’s just not enough state funding to make everybody whole and that’s just a reality of what we’re dealing with, because not only are our businesses impacted, but also the supply chain,” Reynolds said. “…They need to step up, they need to do their job, they need to come together and get it figured out and get relief sent to the states for our small businesses and Iowans that are suffering from Covid-19.”

Reynolds indicated there’s still a portion of the $1.2 billion of federal CARES Act money sent to the State of Iowa this spring that has not yet been spent, although she did not specify how much. The money must be spent before the end of the year and Reynolds said she and her staff are meeting to determine how it will be used.

(This post was edited from its original version after a spokesman for the governor provided updated information late this afternoon.)