Some cans and bottles require a deposit under Iowa law.

A new poll finds Iowa’s “Bottle Bill” remains popular with 84 percent of those surveyed. Sixty-one percent said they want more cans and bottles added to the nickel deposit list and more places to return empties.

“It reinforces what we believed what consumers and Iowans want and that’s convenience redemption,” said R.G. Schwarm, executive director for Cleaner Iowa, the non-profit that paid for the survey.

The poll was conducted by Selzer & Co., the firm that does The Des Moines Register Iowa Poll. Ann Selzer said after respondents heard a list of arguments for and against the law, the number who supported expanding it grew to 70%.

“There aren’t that many issues that get that kind of support,” Selzer said, “so I think this really tells the story right there.”

Mick Barry, president of MidAmerica Recycling in Des Moines, is a member of the national recycling coalition board of directors who also spoke during Cleaner Iowa’s virtual news conference.

“Iowans are ready to see the system updated to help increase the convenience and to cover additional one-time-use containers,” he said.

A five-cent deposit is charged on bottles and cans of beer, carbonated beverages, wine and liquor. The poll found a narrow majority would support raising the deposit fee to 10 cents. A solid majority said retailers that sell beverages should take the empties and pay back deposits. State legislators are considering making changes to the Bottle Bill, but no consensus has emerged.