Rep. Ashley Hinson. (RI photo)

Iowa Congresswoman Ashley Hinson, a Republican from Marion, says she voted for the infrastructure projects in the government funding bill because it includes money targeted for specific needs in her district.

Fellow Republican Congressman Randy Feenstra calls the infrastructure funding excessive and says it will fuel inflation. “I continue to strongly oppose reckless spending packages that President Biden and Speaker Pelosi put forward. That is exactly why I opposed trillions of dollars in overspending that they rammed through last year that they called COVID-19 relief. We said that that was going to fuel inflation — and it has,” Hinson says.

Iowa Democrat Congresswoman Cindy Axne and Republican Marienette Miller-Meeks both also voted for the infrastructure portion. Hinson says it’s their responsibility to keep the government open to serve the people. “And I want to be clear that the inflation that our families are facing as a result of that reckless spending over the last year from President Biden’s administration — that’s where it’s truly impacting our constituents every single day,” Hinson says. “I think that this is a bill that funded the government in a way that keeps our spending in check.”

Hinson says there’s money in the bill to improve roads and improve public safety in her district. “I will continue to fight against any wasteful overspending proposed by President Biden and Speaker Pelosi. I’d rather again, targeted investments come back to Iowa rather than go to some Pelosi pet project in San Francisco,” Hinson says.

Hinson made her remarks in a conference call with reporters.