One of the largest employers in Clinton is celebrating its 40th anniversary. Governor Kim Reynolds and other officials joined ADM leaders Wednesday to mark the anniversary of the company buying the corn processing plant purchase from Nabisco.

Plant Manager Eric Fasnacht says ADM has significantly expanded the plant in the four decades — and it currently processes 350,000 bushels of corn a day from local farmers and elevators. That works out to between 400 and 500 truckloads a day.

“Separate the corn kernel into its fractions – we make different kinds of corn sweetener, dry starches, crystalline sugars, and feed components that go out to the animal food or feed industry,” he says. There are around one thousand employees in the plant every day from ADM and local contractors.

The company also celebrated the opening of a new mill to process corn that cost $250 million. And Fasnact says the company will continue to invest in Clinton. “We’re looking at even another project that’ll be starting here in the fall with a Japanese company that we’re partnering with on another big project, so we’ll see some of that starting to happen later this year, ” Fasnact says.

Hiring for that joint project has already started. He says a corn processing facility first opened in Clinton back in the early 1900’s, and Nabisco is believed to have purchased the plant in the 1950’s and run it until selling to ADM in 1982.

(Thanks to WVIK, Rock Island)