Senator Grassley. (file photo)

Some demonstrators at weekend Iowa rallies expressed concern issues like same-sex marriage or contraception might be next to be revisited by the U.S. Supreme Court, after last week’s rulings on guns and abortion.

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley doubts such issues would be reconsidered by the high court.  “They’re not needed and I don’t expect that,” he says. Grassley, a Republican, says there’s a clear difference between issues like abortion and birth control or LGBTQ rights. He says abortion has been the topic of debate for five decades — and longer.

“Roe v. and Casey never settled anything in 50 years,” Grassley says. “It’s been a constant debate, where all these other speculations of what might come up have been long-term accepted by the American people, and none of them involves a life-or-death situation.”

In his concurring opinion issued Friday, Justice Clarence Thomas said the Supreme Court should reconsider opinions that protect same-sex relationships, marriage equality, and access to contraceptives.