A southeast Iowa educator has been placed on administrative leave and a student faces expulsion after the video of an incident at Pekin Community School District building was posted on social media Friday.

The video shows a student punching and kicking another student while on the floor in a lunchroom. After several punches and kicks to the head, a staffer can be heard saying stop and then the staffer enters the frame, but the assault continued. Even after being separated for a few moments, the student kicked the downed female victim two more times before leaving the frame.

A statement from Pekin Superintendent Derek Philips stated the event “does not meet our high expectations for a safe school environment.” Once the video was circulated on social media, questions arose about how the staffer handled the situation.

The staffer, who is not identified, has been put on leave with pay until further review.

(Reporting by Steve Smith, KMCD, Fairfield)