A Des Moines Register/Mediacom Iowa Poll released this weekend shows Republican Senator Chuck Grassley with a three percent lead over Democratic challenger Mike Franken.

The poll of likely voters was taken from October 9-12t. Forty-six percent of those surveyed said they supported Grassley. Forty-three percent said they supported Franken.

Seven percent said they were undecided or plan to skip voting on the U.S. Senate race. Franken was still unknown to about a third of those surveyed. Nearly two-thirds said Grassley’s age was a concern and that includes 37 percent of the Republicans questioned, who said they’d vote for the 89 year old senator.

Franken, on Twitter, said he’s in a :virtual tie” with Grassley and “on the cusp of something historic.” The Iowa GOP’s chairman says the Iowa Poll has “underestimated the strength of the new Republican coalition.”

On Sunday evening, the Iowa Poll results in the governor’s race were released, showing Republican incumbent Kim Reynolds at 52% and Democratic challenger Deidre DeJear 35%. Libertarian candidate was the choice of four percent of those surveyed.

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