Former President Donald Trump has used an appearance in Sioux City to tout two Iowa Republicans who are seeking reelection this year and to hint that he will run again for president in 2024.

“In order to make our country successful and safe and glorious, I will very, very, very probably do it again, o.k.?” Trump said, to cheers from a crowd gathered at Sioux City’s Airport. “Very, very probably.”

Trump called Senator Chuck Grassley courageous and Kim Reynolds a great governor. “So everybody get out and vote for Kim and vote for Chuck,” Trump said. “These are two incredible people and I know they’re going to have a big Tuesday. We really know that anyway, but I wanted to come up here just in case. We don’t want to take any chances.”

Reynolds joined Trump on stage and spoke for a minute. “I just want to thank you for being a president who fought for America, who fought for Americans,” Reynolds said, “who believes in this country and putting America first.”

Trump invited Grassley on stage, too. “Thank you for coming because you want to get this vote so we can turn around the bad policies of this administration,” Grassley said.

As Trump’s plane landed in Sioux City, Mike Franken — Grassley’s Democratic opponent — was rallying with a crowd in Des Moines.

“The era of what’s happening in Sioux City is over,” Franken said, to applause.

Franken described his campaign’s gathering as “second fiddle” to Trump’s, but Franken suggested Trump and Grassley no longer appeal to a winning majority of Iowa voters.

“The difference between the two campaigns, frankly, is we bring together. We don’t divide,” Franken said. “You can’t win with 45% of the vote in this state.”


Democratic candidate for governor Deidre DeJear accused  Reynolds and Trump of being focused on “dangerous rhetoric” rather than solutions to problems.

“These issues are not about the R behind our name or the D behind or name,” DeJear said. “These issues are about the I behind our name and that stands for Iowans.”

DeJear made her comments while campaigning tonight in Indianola.