Artis rendering of Schmidt Island in Dubuque. (Q Casino photo)

The managers of the Q Casino in Dubuque are asking state regulators today for approval of a multi-million dollar renovation plan.

The casino’s chief commercial officer Stacy Kansky  says there are a couple things driving the plan. “It’s been about 15 years plus that we’ve done any significant upgrades to the property. And so we felt it was really important for us to reinvest in ourselves if we want to grow, especially as some of these new nearby gaming properties, and Wisconsin and Illinois are opening up,” Kansky says.

The first two phases involve remodeling and connecting the former racing grandstand viewing area to the casino while moving the main casino downstairs. Stage three involves creating a family entertainment area. “We’re super excited about this because we don’t have the opportunity right now to really offer much for those under 21. So during this phase, we will transform that upper casino gaming area into an all ages area,” she says. She says they are considering things like an upscale arcade, ax throwing, duck bowling, and ping pong.

The fourth phase will be a new hotel and rooftop restaurant. “It’ll likely be under the Hilton brand portfolio as well. And we’re concepting the rooftop restaurant and that boutique hotel concept right now,” Kansky says. “And then phase five, we’ll go back and look at the exterior. So upgrades to the facade, landscaping, surface parking area.”

Kansky says the casino renovation and improvements go along with the Veterans Memorial and Ice Arena redevelopment in the Schmitt Island area where the casino is located. Kansky says all the improvements help make Dubuque a destination. “It’ll make it so people that are looking, whether they’re local, or they’re driving in from those driving markets, it’ll give them some other offerings to participate with,” she says. “They can go and it’ll still cater to adults with you know, the bar on some of those nightlife activities. It’ll be adult friendly, but it also is kid friendly as well. So it really expands the demographics and who are able to go out and target and who would really like to come and enjoy the property and all that Schmidt island has to offer.”

Kansky says all the amenities will help the casino recruit workers. “There’s obviously an issue here with labor and we’re hoping a lot of this will create a greater appeal for people to come and live, work, and play,” Kansky says. The project is estimated to cost between 75 and 80 million dollars to complete.

If the Racing and Gaming Commission approves, she says the construction is tentatively scheduled to start on February 7th.

Radio Iowa