Pro football fans in Iowa who’d like to see the Super Bowl in person in Arizona next month can get a chance by rolling up their sleeves and donating blood.

Josh Murray, spokesman for the American Red Cross in Iowa, says a special promotion between the agency and the NFL runs through the end of January — that’s next Tuesday.

“Anyone who comes to give blood, you’ll be entered into a chance to win two tickets to the Super Bowl,” Murray says. “We also will take care of your airfare, hotel accommodations for three nights, and we’re also going to give you a gift card for $500 for other expenses that you might have while you’re there.”

One in seven patients who go to a hospital need a blood transfusion, but only 3% of Americans give blood. If you’ve never donated a pint before, Murray says it’s an easy procedure — and it’s vital to saving lives. “The whole donation process from door-to-door is going to be about 45 minutes, but the donation itself takes less than 10 minutes,” Murray says. “We have to ask some questions and check your blood pressure, things like that, before we get you situated. The donation will be quick, then we’ll get you some snacks and get you on your way.”

Wintertime is the slowest time of the year for blood donors, so Murray says they’ve tried to make it as simple as possible to sign up to give. “It’s really easy. You can go 1-800 Red Cross or you can visit,” Murray says. “Both those places will ask for your ZIP code, you put that in and it’ll come up with all the opportunities to give over the next several weeks in your area. You find one that works for you or your location and you’re able to make an appointment right there.”

The Super Bowl is scheduled for February 12th.

Radio Iowa