Gun rights rally. (RI photo)

Gun rights advocates are backing a bill that would prevent state government agencies and pension funds from doing business with investment firms that boycott the gun industry.

“If we can’t have normal commerce in America, then what good are your rights?” Iowa Firearms Coalition president Dave Funk said at a statehouse rally Wednesday. “…Financial institutions, credit processors, insurers and now freight companies have been increasingly boycotting the firearm industry and Second Amendment as part of the ‘woke’ ESG movement.”

Funk said taxpayer money should never go to companies that are trying to restrict Second Amendment rights. “For example, Texas passed a law in 2021 called the Firearm Industry Non-discrimination Act to require that government contracts not go to banks or other companies that boycott the firearms industry,” Funk said, “Iowa and several other states are looking to take similar actions this year.”

Funk urged rally goers at the Iowa Capitol for Second Amendment Day to lobby their legislators on the issue. The group celebrated November’s passage of a state constitutional amendment on gun rights, but did not mention other gun-related bills pending in the House and Senate.

Radio Iowa