February 12, 2016

Iowa Post Offices once targeted to close, will remain open with hours cut back

Nearly 180 post offices in Iowa that were on a list for possible closure will now remain open, but with limited hours. The decision announced today by the U.S. Postal Service follows months of backlash from rural residents at public meetings.

USPS spokesman Rich Watkins says Iowa’s smallest post offices, if they’re still open, will remain open under the revised plan. “We’ll keep the post office there, the zip code and the community identity,” Watkins said.

“There will still be a postal service employee there, but due to the declining workload, it would be open two, four or perhaps six hours a day.” The revised plan is expected to save the USPS $500 million a year.

Watkins said the “multi-phased” strategy would be implemented over a two-year period, through September 2014. Around 13,000 post offices around the country are included under the new plan – including 178 of the more than 900 post offices in Iowa. Watkins said the reduced hours are needed to address an ever decreasing mail volume.

“We have to better match our workforce in the facilities that we maintain with a declining work load,” Watkins said. “Going forward, we think this strikes a healthy balance for both our customers and the postal service.”

See the list of Post Offices included in the plan: Post Office impact PDF

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