February 11, 2016

World Food Prize winner says climate change impacts everything

The Israeli scientist being honored in Des Moines this week with the 2012 World Food Prize is warning that climate change will make a difference in food production worldwide. Daniel Hillel pioneered innovative irrigation techniques which helped improve the growth of crops in arid regions around the world.

More recently, Hillel has been researching ways for agriculture to adjust to a changing climate. “Altogether the climate will change. Its bound to change. It’s already begun to change and agriculture will be affected. All phenomena will become more intensive in a warmer world,” Hillel explains.

Hillel discounts those who question whether human activity is affecting temperatures around the world. “There is no doubt in the minds of the sound scientific community that we are changing the climate and there will be consequences,” Hillel says.

“It is for us to convince policymakers that it is a real phenomenon.” Hillel says the impact of climate change includes both drought and floods. Hillel will be officially honored at a ceremony at the statehouse on Thursday.

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