February 8, 2016

Police: bones buried in basement are that of man who went missing in 2009

Mark Koster

Dental records have confirmed skeletal remains found buried in the basement of a home in Sac City earlier this week are those of the home’s former owner who went missing more than three years ago. Mark Koster was 58.

Sac City Police Chief John Thomsen says both Koster and a mystery friend who was living in the home were last seen in May 2009. “We know his name is Tom and he lived with Mr. Koster for three months prior to his disappearance,” Thomsen said. “We were told that he could possibly be from Florida or Texas.”

Koster was officially listed as a missing person in 2010. At the time, investigators searched the home but found no signs of foul play or Koster.

Thomsen would not say exactly how the remains were hidden. “Where Mr. Koster’s body was found was in a suspicious spot and we’re trying to find who this unknown roommate is…and we’re waiting for autopsy results,” Thomsen said.

No one has lived in the house since Koster disappeared. His family sold the house six months ago. The new owner — who buys, remodels and sells homes for a living — found the remains on Monday while working in the basement.

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