December 1, 2015

Fall leaf colors starting to show in northern Iowa

Fall-colorSome trees in parts of northern Iowa are beginning to show fall colors. The Iowa Department of Natural Resources, on it’s website, has begun offering a weekly progress report on the fall colors across the state. The report is also available by calling 515-233-4110.

Iowans can also follow fall colors across the nation by calling the U.S. Forest Service Fall Foliage Hotline. U.S. Forest Service spokesperson Leo Kay says people can find out when and where leaves are changing by calling 1-800-354-4595. “You call in and you identify what part of the country you’re in then you’re sent to a regional line that will tell you where the colors are peaking. Whether you are in the upper Midwest, New England, Colorado, California, etc.,” Kay says.

The U.S. Forest Service website also features an interactive map that can help people plan trips to see fall colors. “There’s still plenty of time for people around the country to go on line and take a look and maybe plan some trips, because we anticipate we’re going to start seeing leaves turning color here in the next several weeks,” Kay says. During a typical year, the fall colors in Iowa are at their most brilliant in October.

Kay says the fall is a great time to visit a state park or national forest. “You don’t have the crowds, you don’t have the bugs, the mosquitoes and other biting insects and the trees are just putting on a magnificent display for people to go and check out with their friends and family,” Kay says.


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