November 25, 2015

Waterloo Bucks stadium access limited by flooding, but game goes on

Baseball will be played in Waterloo this evening even though the swollen Cedar River has cut off direct access to Riverfront Stadium. Bucks general manager Dan Corbin says Park Road is closed due to flooding. Fans are encouraged to park on the streets behind the left field wall and they can walk over the berm to get into the ballpark.

Corbin says fans will be able to get to the stadium even though the main parking lot is closed. He says they are not on an island, but there is a flood wall.

The Bucks open a Northwoods League series against Eau Claire and Corbin says the field and stadium are not in danger of flooding. He says they have decided from past experience if the players can get to the games, they should play them, even if they don’t have big crowds.

Corbin is hopeful Park Road to the main parking lot will be able to reopen later this week.


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