Cell phone customers in Iowa now have the right to cancel their service contracts after four months, but some legislators want to change that. TheIowa House passed a bill this morning that would make customers stay with a cellular company for the duration of the contract period — most often two years. Representative Christopher Rants, a republican from Sioux City, was the bill’s manager says customers should have to abide by the contract they sign. But critics said the move was bad for consumers. House Democrat Leader David Schrader of Monroe said consumers who sign complicated cell phone contracts can get ripped off. Representative Keith Kreiman, a democrat from Bloomfield, also argued to keep the “after-four-months” cancellation policy in state law saying the companies would be more responsive to changes in users lives with the provision. Representative Michael Cataldo, a democrat from Des Moines, said the “wireless” or cellularindustry is growing, and the bill will help them compete in the same way other industries do. The cellular telephone industry has pushed for the bill which passed the house on a 53-42 vote.