Some students at Iowa State University are protesting the administration’shandling of the annual spring VEISHEA celebration. ISU PresidentMartin Jischke made students pledge to make the celebration alcohol freelast year after a fatal stabbing near the end of VEISHEA events two yearsago. ISU junior psychology student, Brandon Riley, is protesting on campusdressed up like a beer can. He says the protest goes beyond the alcoholissue. He says the administration has taken over the event and the students find that unacceptable.Riley and others are gathering signatures on a petition calling for changesin VEISHEA. VEISHEA has been touted as the largest student-run festival in the U-S. Theco-chair of this year’s event, Scott Desotel, says it’s still student run.The protestors had gathered 100 signatures in the first 30 minutes of theirprotest. Past VEISHEA celebrations have been marred by rioting among drunkenstudents.