The Iowa Attorney General’s Office is advising Iowans to reject a proposedlegal settlement being offered by Publishers Clearing House. Thousands of Iowans have received postcards telling them they’re part of anIllinois settlement with Publishers Clearing House. That settlement issupposed to pay back people who mistakenly thought they had to buy amagazine or other items to be eligible to win millions in the Publisher’sClearing House Sweepstakes. A spokesman for Iowa’s Attorney General, BobBrammer, says the settlement ends up providing very little repayment.Brammer says if you stay in the settlement, you could lose your legal rightto win damages from the company. He advises you to contact the AttorneyGeneral’s office to find out how to get out of the proposed settlement. He says Iowa action against Publishers Clearing House is still in the works.Brammer says notices of the settlement were sent to people who had enteredthe company’s sweepstakes or had received promotional mail from the company.