The town of Greenfield celebrates its time in the Hollywood spotlightSaturday. Trying to get money out of big tobacco companies has become commonplacetoday, but back in 1969 it was a unique idea that fueled the plot of themovie “Cold Turkey.” The town pledged to quite smoking for 30 days in anattempt to win 25-million dollars from a tobacco company.Reunion organizer Jennifer Van Nostrand says most of the actors in themovie, including Dick Van Dyke and Jean Stapleton will return to Greenfield,as will director Norman Lear. Van Nostrand says townpeople like to thinkGreenfield started a Hollywood trend some 20 years before a green field ofcorn brought attention to the state with the movie “Field of Dreams.”She says the townspeople who had roles in the movie still like to reminisce.Van Nostrand says events take place throughout the day. The mayor has bannedsmoking in Greenfield for the day and temporarily changed the town’s nameto Eagle Rock — it’s screen name.