Democratic presidential candidate Bill Bradley says his rival, Al Gore, isoff-base when he attacked the Bradley health care reform plna. Gore cited astudy which concluded Bradley’s plan would cost over one-Trillion dollars –and eat up the federal budget surplus in 10 years. Bradley says the studywas done by a Clinton/Gore staffer who had been a health care advisor to theVice President.Bradley says he’s not going to get too exercised about Gore’s attack,though. He says he’ll says his outrage for more important issues.Bradley proposes eliminating Medicaid, which is the government-run programfor poor Americans. He’d replace it with a nationwide system which givespoor people the same health insurance choices as federal employees.Gore says such a chance would create too much chaos. Bradley counters thatit would end a puzzling Medicaid system.Bradley made his comments during a news conference in Des Moines. Hecampaigned in Ames and Fort Dodge yesterday and addressed members of theIowa Nurses Association this morning.