Health care reform has become the major disagreement between the two men competing to be the democrats’ presidential nominee. Vice President Al Gore has one idea. Former New Jersey Senator Bill Bradley has another. At a news conference in Dubuque, Bradley called Gore’s plan “nibbling around the edges.” Gore is critical of Bradley’s plan, which would do away with Medicaid and install a new system for providing health coverage to the nation’s poor.Bradley says it’s an insult to the American people to suggest the two proposals are so complex, voters won’t be able to sift through the details. On Saturday afternoon, Bradley met with a group of Dubuque-area women who say they were dismissed from the hospital too soon after the birth of their children. Bradley helped pass a national law which requires a 48-hour hospital stay for a normal delivery and 96-hour stay for a c-section. Kelly McMann is an O-B nurse who was in labor for 27 hours — and she was sent home a day later.The law has since changed, forcing insurance companies to let new moms stay longer in the hospital.