Governor Tom Vilsack walked in the middle of a melee Tuesday in Seattle. Governor Vilsack was walking the streets of Seattle, headed for the World Trade Organization meeting when he was surrounded by a group of screaming protesters. A Washington state trooper ahead of Vilsack was punched, hit and kicked. The Iowa State Trooper along to provide Vilsack protection grabbed the Governor by the belt and was able to maneuver Vilsack to safety.Vilsack says it was a unique experience and he had no idea he would run into problems. He credited the troopers for taking the blows thrown by the protesters. Vilsack says he waited in his car hoping the protesters would disperse, but then left after learning police were coming in to use tear gas. He says he was surprised by how quickly the protesters turned on him, even though he holds some of their same views. Vilsack says he won’t leave the conference early and has a full day ahead as agriculture issues take the spotlight.