The republican candidates quibbled sharply over their competing tax plans in Saturday’s debate.George W. Bush said John McCain’s tax plan takes away business tax deductions which would end up raising taxes on working Americans.McCain says he has a tax cut for single moms and Bush doesn’t. Bush says that’s not true. Gary Bauer took shots at the tax cuts offered by both Bush and Forbes. He says Bush’s plan moves is like moving deck chairs around on the Titanic, while he says Forbes’ plan takes away the mortgage deduction.Alan Keyes advocates throwing out the income tax — and financing government with a national sales tax. Keyes called the income tax a “slave tax.” He says it’s time to take the chains off. Orrin Hatch offered no specific tax cut plan of his own. Hatch says he lives with reality that not one of the plans is likely to make it through Congress.Steve Forbes attacked Bush’s tax cutting record in Texas. Forbes said property taxes didn’t go down in six-out-of-ten Texas school districts.