Iowans in four towns will have a chance to speak out this week about President Clinton’s one-point-eight trillion dollar budget plan. Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley is holding town meetings today through Thursday on the proposed budget and what it means for America’s future.Grassley says this is the first budget surplus since 1969. He says the term “surplus” is often misused — he says it’s when taxpayers are overcharged. If Congress or President Clinton don’t railroad through more new spending, Grassley says taxpayers may be able to have their cake and eat it too.Grassley held the first town meeting on the budget this morning in Algona. He’ll be in Spencer from noon to one p-m today, in Onawa from noon to one on Wednesday and in Marshalltown from noon to one on Thursday. Grassley’s budget priorities are: paying down the national debt, tax relief and saving Social Security & Medicare.