A key legislative leader says it’s a “safe bet” the Iowa Legislature willvote to establish a 300-million dollar fund to hand out to communities planning cultural or tourism projects. Representative Jeff Lamberti says over the next 20 years, that fund will leverage construction for about one-Billion dollars worth of arenas, civic centers and the like.Lamberti, a republican from Ankeny, says the money isn’t just for projectsin urban Iowa.Some critics charge larger cities will be the beneficiaries, but SenateRepublican Leader Stewart Iverson of rural Dows says money is reserved forprojects in small town Iowa, too.House Speaker Brent Siegrist, a republican from Council Bluffs, echoesIverson’s sentiments, saying the fund will improve the livability of the state.Governor Vilsack supports the so-called “Millennium Fund,” but had requestedthat one-third of it be used on school improvements.