A member of the Republic of Ireland’s parliament addressed the Iowa Legislature this morning. Senator Mary Jackman is a guest this week of the St. Patrick’s Association of Emmettsburg, Iowa. She says Ireland is prospering because of its links with America.Three years ago, 20-percent of Ireland citizens were unemployed,and now Ireland’s jobless rate is just five percent and Ireland is the fastest growing economy in the European Union.Seeing legislators with names like Fallon and Shey made Jackman nostalgic. She says the shores of America were open to Irish immigrants.Jackman says St. Patrick’s Day celebrations on this side of the ocean are a bit more extravagant.Representative Dan Boddicker, a republican from Tipton, opened today’s House session with his rendition of “Oh, Danny Boy.”Jackman expressed hope the peace process will get back on track soon and an agreement will bring about the decommissioning of the warring factions in Northern Ireland.