What’s expected to be Iowa’s largest St. Patrick’s Weekend celebration kicks off today in Davenport with a gathering of people of Irish heritage for a luncheon. The event includes the naming of the Quad Cities’ Irish Mother of the Year and scholarships to local children of Irish decendants. The big event is tomorrow’s parade which starts on the Illinois side of the river.John Scally is chairman of the Quad City St. Patrick’s Day parade, which is the nation’s only bi-state parade. He says if the weather’s nice, at least three-thousand people will participate in the parade and tens of thousands will line the three-mile route.Scally says there’s a post-parade bash at Davenport’s “Col” Ballroom. Sunday has been declared Irish Heritage Day in the Quad Cities with a family event at the River Center.The events include music, dance, food and cultural exhibits. For more information, surf to: www.stpatsqc.com or call (319) 323-3793.