Al Gore has made his next-to-last campaign stop in Iowa with a mid-day rally in Ames.The political story of the day is George W. Bush’s drunken driving arrest in 1976 — that’s 24 years ago. Gore didn’t directly mention Bush’s drunken driving episode, but Gore made one reference to the fact that his political career started the year Bush was arrested. He said he would use his 24 years of experience to fight for working people and the environment.Gore also ridiculed a verbal slip Bush made yesterday as Bush defended his plan to privatize Social Security. Bush said his critics thought Social Security was a “federal program.”Gore began by reminiscing about his victory in the Iowa Caucuses back in January. He told the crowd they gave him the honor of carrying his standard forward. He said he feels he’ll win Iowa Tuesday.Gore is due back in Iowa in the twilight hours Monday morning for a final stop before Tuesday’s election.