The State Board of Regents says the overall graduation rate for the three state-supported universities has increased slightly. Regents Executive Secretary Frank Stork says Iowa State, Iowa and the University of Northern Iowa make annual reports on the issue.He says six-year graduation rates at Iowa and Iowa State increased by about one percent, while U-N-I’s numbers held steady. Stork says Iowa’s universities fair well compared to the rest of the country.Stork says the six-year graduation rates among all minorities continues to be lower than white students.Stork says that continues to be an issue the universities are studying and trying to determine the reasons why. Stork says Iowa’s minority graduation rates compare favorably to other universities across the country. Graduation rates are typically higher among women — another issue Stork says is under study.Stork says graduation rates have been helped by plans that help students get their degree in four years.UNI had the highest six-year graduation rate at nearly 63-percent, the University of Iowa had a 62-percent rate and Iowa State University just over 60-percent.