Young Ally McBeals and Perry Masons are putting their courtroom skills to the test today in the Iowa Junior High School Mock Trial State Tournament. This 17th annual contest is gathering 34 teams of middle school students in Des Moines from across Iowa.John Wheeler is director of the Center for Law and Civic Education at the Iowa State Bar Association, which is coordinating the tournament. While few of the participants will grow up to be lawyers, Wheeler says the tournament does teach them valuable skills that can apply to many other professions.Wheeler says this year’s case involves a hypothetical trademark infringement lawsuit. It centers on a small company’s claim that a large corporation stole its design for a boomerang that blows bubbles as it flies through the air.The opening rounds of the tournament begin this morning at 8:30. After several rounds of arguments, the championship clash for the state title is Saturday at 1:30 p-m at the Drake University Law School. The high school level of competition is in March.