An Ames couple has set up a one-and-a-half million-dollar trust fund for Iowa State University’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital. Dr. Norman Cheville is Dean of I-S-U’s College of Veterinary Medicine and calls it a “marvelous gift.”Dr. Cheville says the funds will go to a variety of sources, including to buy equipment for the vet hospital’s Small Animals Clinic and toward a tuition scholarship for a veterinary student who is an Iowa native.Some of the money will create a Good Samaritan fund to pay for the treatment of sick animals whose caregivers are on a limited income. Cheville says the donors are Kathleen and David Waggoner.Kathleen Waggoner is an adjunct I-S-U faculty member in sociology and political science while David Waggoner is an emeritus faculty member of the I-S-U theatre program.