A Colorado woman who was the youngest person to attend the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials after World War Two is in Iowa today. Vivien Spitz was a 22-year-old court reporter that helped document testimony from one of the trials involving Nazi doctors who performed experiments on prisoners. Spitz will tell about her experience today as part of the Iowa Court Reporters Association mid-year seminar in Urbandale. She says the doctors performed 12 major medical experiments, which she describes in graphic detail using court records.Spitz returned home the United States after the 11-month trial and overcame nightmares about the experience to go on with her life. Spitz decided to start telling the story of the trial after an incident in her hometown in 1982.A high school German teacher in her hometown of Aurora told students the German Holocaust was a “hoax.” Spitz says she knew then she had to tell the story of what she’d recorded at the trial.Spitz has since done hundreds of presentations on the horrors of the Holocaust, as says she often finds people who are in disbelief. She says that’s especially true among young people.Spitz says she’s been accosted several times by people and groups who say the Holocaust never happened. The 76-year-old says attempts to stop her message only spur her on.Spitz says there were 26 court reporters recording the events of the Nuremberg Trials, and she’s one of only three that are still alive. Spitz’s presentation today is open to the public. It begins at 1:30 at the Four Points Sheraton Hotel on Merle Hay Road in Urbandale.