State transportation officials are warning S-U-V drivers to be cautious. Scott Falb of the Iowa Department of Transportation says sports utility vehicles are no better than a car on ice.Falb says four-wheel drive isn’t much help today as four-wheel drive very easily can convert to four-wheel slide. He says they may help in deep snow, but all vehicles have the same traction problems on ice.Falb says S-U-Vs have a higher center of gravity, which also can create problems on ice. He says one a vehicle with a high center of gravity starts sliding, it’s much more likely to roll over.In January, the D-O-T crash reports began listing the type of vehicle involved in a crash, so S-U-V accident stats should be available later this year. Falb urges all motorists to allow plenty of space between themselves and other vehicles and to drive at a speed which lets them stop easily.