Legislators are ironing out the kinks in a proposal that’d put a crimp in the driving habits of “dead-beat” parents. The bill would let officials put wheel locks on cars owned by men or women who are way behind in paying child support. Senator Jerry Behn of Boone says it would be another tool to help collect back child support.He says Virginia has such a law in place, and it’s working. He says they went as far as putting blue block on for a boy child and a pink block for a girl. He says it sent a public statement.Behn says the cars will be disabled but not re-possessed. He says they don’t want to get into the car business, they just want parents to pay up.Behn says several technical questions are still being negotiated, such as just how far behind a person would have to be in paying child support to wind up with a wheel lock on their car. The bill will be debated in a Senate Committee this week.