The Vision Iowa board has agreed to negotiate with Sioux City leaders on a multi-million-dollar arena project. Mayor Marty Dougherty says Tuesday’s announcement from the state panel is a big step for Siouxland.Sioux City plans to develop an 84-million dollar entertainment complex along its riverfront. The city is asking for 33-million from Vision Iowa for the “River’s Edge” project. Dougherty says much work has yet to be done to iron out the details.The plan includes a ten-thousand-seat events center, a ground transportation center, a trolley system and the Lewis and Clark interpretive center and museum. Dougherty says just because Vision Iowa is going the next step to negotiate, doesn’t mean the money is a sure thing.Dougherty says the project is good for the western half of the state. The city has already purchased much of the land along the riverfront. Vision Iowa has about 180-million dollars in grants available to fill two billion in requests for funds to help build community attractions that improve the quality of life in Iowa.