Iowa’s Governor rejects the notion Davenport shouldn’t get federal help to deal with the flood aftermath. The new Federal Emergency Management Agency director raised the question because Davenport refuses to build a flood wall like other cities along the Mississippi. Governor Tom Vilsack has asked for federal aid to help Davenport and other Mississippi River towns.Vilsack and the FEMA director will tour Davenport, together, on Thursday. Vilsack says there may be a little bias against the Midwest. He says no one suggest people along an oceanfront aren’t asked to move when a storm destroys their home. Vilsack says floods are gonna happen, and the feds should stand ready to help. He says putting up flood walls often only moves the problem downstream.Vilsack also says if FEMA’s going to withhold flood aid from Mississippi River towns that do not build flood walls, the rules shouldn’t change in midstream. He says cities should be warned beforehand that federal help will be denied. Davenport’s Mayor made the same argument Tuesday.