Iowa Senator Charles Grassley says a tax relief package moving through the Senate is good, if not perfect. Monday night, on the Senate floor, the Republican senator said several key factors would give relief to those taxpayers who need it most, and give it when they need it…right away.He says a rate drop to ten-percent for the lowest bracket, a child credit expansion and earned income credit are immediate. He says the committee took the President’s progressive tax structure and intensified it, ensuring higher-income Americans pay more. Grassley praised members of the Finance Committee for setting aside 30-Billion dollars for education.Grassley says nobody got everything they wanted in the final “Tax Reconciliation Relief Act,” but everyone got something. The republican Iowa U-S senator says the bill reflects the priorities of members on both sides of the aisle.Grassley says passing the act will let families make ends meet, students afford education, and a successful businessperson expand and hire more workers. As chair of the U-S Senate Finance Committee, Grassley presided over Monday evening’s debate in the Senate.